Reaction Injection Molding and Polyurethane Parts for Furniture and Home Goods

Furniture manufacturers from top-tier to budget-line rely heavily on reaction injection molding, polyurethane parts, and thermoplastic components to deliver quality products at the right price. Jones & Vining has the expertise and resources to deliver high or low volume parts, including bumpers, pads, footings, latches, knobs, and even entire finished products to our furniture partners.

Product Example: Self-Adhesive Office Furniture Pad

This pad is molded in cast tooling to capture the detail of its geometric texture. In a unique application of polyurethane foam molding, the back of the pad is integrated with 3M adhesive tape during the molding process. The result is a surface that allows for a wide variety of applications in System Office Seating.

Reaction Injection Molding, Polyurethane
Parts and Low Durometer TPR Experts

Jones and Vining manufactures integral skin polyurethane foam components and
finished goods for industrial and consumer product OEMs. With over 30 years of
industrial molding experience, Jones & Vining produces self-skinning, flexible,
and viscoelastic polyurethane foam products, and injection molded
thermoplastic rubber (TPR), thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), and thermoplastic
urethane (TPU) products.
Our team understands requirements from shock absorbing properties or
anti-static / static dissipation, to complex shapes molded around metal or
plastic structural inserts. Jones & Vining can provide advanced prototyping
services, cost effective low volume production, or millions of pieces.
Please contact us to discuss your sourcing requirements for molded
polyurethane foam or injection molded TPR / TPE.